8 Game-Changing Strategies to Become More Influential at Work

Whether you are at the top of the corporate ladder or just want to be heard in a meeting, influencing skills are vital for anyone to be successful.

Moreover, those skills are vital for a leader, whose job it is to move people forward.

What is influence? At work, it is the capacity or power someone has to be a persuasive or compelling force to produce effects on the actions, behavior or opinions of others. Or, put simply, it is getting someone to go from Point A to Point B. Influence can come with a position and title but it is not guaranteed. In fact, people can be influential in any role, whatever their station.

Women, however, continue to struggle while they search for ways to become more influential at work. Sometimes they toil just to have their ideas heard or valued. (Stories abound about men and women who independently present the same material and are often treated differently.)

Here then are eight strategies women can do to raise their level of influence at work.
1. Develop your drive to become more influential.

First, you have to want to improve. Becoming more influential takes desire and effort. If it doesn’t matter to you, then figure out why it doesn’t matter!
2. Remember that your workplace is not a meritocracy.

Be careful not to get caught up in the notion that if you work hard, you will be justly and fairly rewarded. Real competition exists in the workplace. Yes, competence and results are essential for your growth. But you still must learn how to promote yourself and bring attention to your excellent work.
3. Keep your skills and knowledge up to date.

It is so easy nowadays to keep your skills current and continue to learn. Online courses, MOOCs, blogs, books, podcasts, seminars and even YouTube all provide easily accessible learning resources. If you’re not learning and keeping yourself up to date, know that your co-worker or competitor is.

4. Believe in yourself or what you know.

When you’ve done #3, you have laid a strong foundation to be credible with coworkers and bosses. The next step is to have the courage to show what you know and to be as smart as anyone on the team. Women repeatedly underestimate their competence. An HBR article notes that a woman will apply for a job when she meets 100 percent of the job requirements, whereas a man will apply even if he has met only 60 percent of the requirements.
5. Solve “important” problems.

Women sometimes pride themselves at being good multitaskers, getting things done, and helping others. It’s useful to know that if you are particularly good at these traits, you also run the risk of being given lots of insignificant tasks to finish. While you may not be in a position to say “no” when given these requests, you should also look for “important” problems to solve. Do all you can to understand the pain points of the business or your boss, and then help solve them. When you start to solve your business’ real problems, your level of influence will skyrocket.
6. Know when to show your agentic (masculine) and communal (feminine) communication styles.

This balancing act is also called the Goldilocks Dilemma. A woman’s communication style is constantly being judged. Your style may be seen as too aggressive, demanding, competitive or maybe too warm, caring and soft — but never just right. In the work world, it is detrimental for a woman to outwardly show anger. On the other hand, men are given a greater pass when they show aggression, disgust or anger. So the communication playing field is uneven. What then do you do?

You take incremental steps to bring your authentic communication style in line with what works for you and your environment. Start with self-awareness and then make small changes that will enhance your agentic and communal communication techniques. Knowing when and which communication style to show in a particular context will increase your influence.

Next, heighten your self-awareness around your nonverbal communication. Your brand of it sends many messages about you that your audience is implicitly deciphering. Nonverbal qualities for you to consider are the following: your appearance, demeanor, posture, language and speaking style, room positioning, body language, voice and diction. (This list can go on and on!) Seek to understand how your own components of it are affecting your credibility; the right nonverbal communication can positively affect your influencing ability when you are able to project confidence, approachability, professionalism and yes, the right amount of power.

7. Prep and practice makes perfect.

Like an athlete, prep and practice of a newly learned skill are important to change habits and outcomes. Self-awareness will uncover areas you want to adjust. Practice will allow you to test your new behaviors. When you experience small wins along the way, your confidence and influence will grow.
8. Hold up others.

Make every effort torecognize and acknowledge others at work. Research indicates that greater benefit is gained when a woman receives accolades or is promoted by others, than when she self-promotes. This does not mean that you should not learn more effective ways to (professionally and prudently) self-promote, but it does mean that you should also find cohorts and champions who are willing to tout how great you are.

With certainty, if you start to employ these strategies you will enhance and improve your influencing capabilities. No matter what role you have in your organization, your ability to influence is key to your continued growth and success.

Six Benefits Of E-Commerce In Companies

People are changing their buying habits. A study conducted by Asociacion Mexicana de Internet (Amipci) showed that Mexico has 51.2 million Internet users, of which 50% have made an online purchase.

Sales generated by e-commerce in 2013, according to America (Mexican Internet Association) reached 9,000 million dollars, representing 42% in the sale of products and consumer goods.

Therefore, the website, Decompras.com, gave some benefits for companies to evolve and dare to sell their products online.

Online Benefits

Reduce Costs.

Opening a virtual store is logically cheaper, because it allows companies to grow with fewer resources by avoiding the payment of local rent, services, salaries, and so on. It is also cheaper because when advertising their products online, they are advertising on the Internet, which is a cheaper means of promotion than advertising which is used in traditional media.

Generate Loyalty With Customers.

There are not many companies that offer a good electronic shopping experience; even there are still thousands who do not have an online presence. This is an opportunity to get your customers to enjoy that experience, through offering a wide range of products, good prices and ease of use of the platforms, as well as various payment options mainly.

Attention And Guarantee Of Total Satisfaction.

 The e-commerce sites know the importance of customer service and know that in most cases until you see or touch a product is how you make the final decision to purchase, so have a chat to advise you during the product choice, as well as a Total Satisfaction Guarantee, in which customers have 30 days after the product arrives to return it and request a refund of their money if the items did not meet their expectations. If a customer is satisfied with their experience of purchasing a product, they will surely return to the site and make their recommendation through the word of mouth.

3 conseils pour se faire légalement des revenus sur le net

​Le net est un espace dont vous avez la possibilité de profiter pour vous faire d'énormes revenus et maximisez vos profits. Il y a plusieurs méthodes par lesquelles, vous pouvez passer, et ce, légalement.

Pour la plupart d'entre eux, vous aurez nécessairement besoin d'un capital alors que d'autres n’en n'exigent pas forcément. Voici donc ce que nous vous conseillons, pour vous permettre de vous faire de l'argent de la manière la plus efficace et légale qu'il soit sur le net.

​1-Exécuter des prestations et se faire un salaire sur le net​
Si vous avez réellement l'intention de vous faire un salaire, sans pour autant que ce soit illégal, vous pouvez exécuter des prestations en ligne. Vous n’ignorez sans doute pas que bon nombre de sociétés proposent de nos jours des systèmes exigeant internet comme un outil essentiel de travail.
Si vous avez l'intention d'avoir accès à ces offres, vous avez la possibilité de vous connecter a des sites spécialisés comme celui de Upwork, qui se nommait autrefois Odesk.
Si vous avez accès à cette plateforme, vous aurez la possibilité d'effectuer de nombreuses prestations moyennant rémunération. Vous pouvez par exemple devenir un expert en webmarketing ou en ghostwriting. Rassurez-vous ! Cela est sécurisé de la meilleure manière qu'il soit.
Si vous avez donc l'intention d'effectuer ces travaux sur le net, tout ce qu'il vous faudra et une connexion Internet à haut débit et de faire pression sur vous-même si vous souhaitez réussir.

​2-Créez votre e-commerce​
Il s'agit du deuxième conseil que nous pouvons vous donner. En réalité, nous vous conseillons ici, d’investir afin d'avoir des revenus occasionnels ? Occasionnels ? Parce que vous devez vous attendre à ce que vos revenus ne soient pas aussi fréquents.
De plus, créer votre e-commerce vous prendra du temps. Cependant, lorsqu'il sera mis en œuvre, tout ce qu'il vous restera à faire, sera d'emmagasiner vos profits de façon régulière.

3-La location en ligne​
Vous n'y avez peut-être pas pensé, mais il s'agit là d’un des meilleurs moyens de vous faire de l'argent sur le net. De façon réelle, c'est une véritable activité par laquelle vous avez la possibilité de vous faire de l'argent sans pour autant fournir de gros efforts.
Vous n'avez qu'une chose à faire ici, entretenir les biens que vous souhaitez louer en état. Cela vous permettra d'éviter de perdre des revenus, mais également de demander une sûreté aux bénéficiaires.
Vous pouvez même vous tourner vers des entités spécialisées dans les négociations. Vous avez donc la possibilité de louer des immeubles, des véhicules ou encore des vêtements.

​Dernier conseil : le coaching ou l'enseignement sur le ne​t
En tant que tout dernier conseil, nous allons vous proposer le coaching ou de la formation en ligne.
En réalité, beaucoup d'entre nous sont stressés chaque jour ou rencontrent certaines difficultés. Pour pallier à ces situations, la présence d'un coach ou d'un formateur est essentielle.

Nous avons tous tendance à en avoir besoin, afin de nous orienter dans certaines situations. Pourquoi ne pouvez-vous pas alors orienter d'autres personnes, afin qu'elles puissent s'en sortir, quel que soit le domaine concerné ?
Il n'est donc pas rare de rencontrer des Français se tourner vers le développement personnel afin de pouvoir s'améliorer. Cela nous aide à nous développer au mieux. Si vous êtes formateur, des revenus stables vous attendront certainement.