Greater Reach Of The Public.

By buying and selling online, the products are available to everyone from anywhere at any time 365 days a year. In addition, there are more than 350 million active users on the Internet, that is, it has a much larger audience than those who could pass through a physical store. Undoubtedly, the possibilities of growth and the reach of the internet are spectacular.

Security For The Seller And The Buyer.

 One of the main causes why Internet users still do not dare to buy online, is due to ignorance and / or distrust in the use of online payment systems; However, selling through electronic platforms you are sure that you have the seal of trust granted by Amipci. With this you protect the data of your users and avoid that your card is used for malicious purposes. If users have the security of making purchases online with their credit card, sales therefore increase, because customers can enjoy great benefits such as rebates and / or payment facilities.

Ease Of Product Delivery. 

Some users consider that a risk of purchases over the Internet is that the goods do not arrive well or on time, but increasingly there are more logistics companies that offer fast, efficient and safe delivery services, with affordable prices. You can also use a platform that has order tracking, for your customers to check the status of the shipment of your product, and have confidence that your purchase will arrive in a timely manner.